Starting from the beginning of April, we have been collecting funds to establish the Free Russia House in Warsaw. By May 12, 2017, we have received donations of 8322 pln ($ 2080) and donations in the form of furniture and office equipment of approximately 8000 pln ($ 2000). During this period we have continued our work: we have organized a meeting on the situation in Russia, prepared for the visit of a group of students in the regions of Russia, who participated in the March 26 protest actions, translated the important texts from the Russian media for the Polish audience. We are very grateful to all: our colleagues who are with us from the moment the Association was founded, and people we just met on the occasion of the fundraising campaign, who made money transfers, shared information about the campaign, provided furniture and otherwise helped us in this difficult and important issue.

Thanks to you we can not only start repair works, but we feel that we have a lot of friends who care about us and the success of our projects. It is a huge inspiration!