News digest for July 12-18

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July 12

  • Moscow municipal deputy and candidate for deputy to the State Duma Ketevan Kharaidze, accused of fraud, was released from custody
  • Human rights activist Semyon Simonov from Sochi was sentenced to 250 hours of compulsory labor for non-payment of a fine under the article on “foreign agents”
  • The court upheld the verdict of the defendant in the “palace case” Valery Yevsin: two years in prison for the fact that, according to the investigation, he pushed a metal barrier towards the policeman
  • A woman from Tatarstan was accused of sponsoring terrorist activities under the guise of charity and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison

July 13

  • The court in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic upheld the sentence to the head of the Circassian organization “Khabze” Martin Kocheskov. He was sentenced to three years probation on drug possession charges. The activist connects the persecution with his social activities
  • A Volgograd resident who denied the collapse of the USSR was sentenced to six years in prison on charges of organizing the activities of an extremist organization
  • Three supporters of the organization “USSR” in Tula were sentenced to up to three years in prison under an article on extremism
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Rostov-on-Don was sentenced to two years probation
  • In Chelyabinsk, the sentence was commuted to eco-activists in the case of hooliganism and arson at a local mining and processing plant
  • Project April from Togliatti, which is engaged in HIV prevention, was fined 300 thousand rubles under the law on “foreign agents”

July 14

  • In Rostov-on-Don the pre-trial detention was extended for the organizers of the anti-quarantine rally in Vladikavkaz in April 2020 for three months
  • More than 30 searches of Jehovah’s Witnesses conducted in the Kurgan Region
  • The Investigative Committee stopped the criminal prosecution of the municipal deputy Konstantin Yankauskas in the framework of the “sanitary case”. Earlier, he announced his refusal to participate in the elections to the State Duma
  • Murmansk court satisfied the claim of Rospotrebnadzor for the forced hospitalization of the ex-coordinator of the local Navalny headquarters and the candidate for deputy of the Murmansk City Council Violetta Grudina
  • The court of St. Petersburg extended the pre-trial detention for blogger Yuri Khovansky, who was accused of publicly justifying terrorism because of the song about “Nord-Ost”. He will remain in custody until 8 August minimum
  • In the Amur Region, Jehovah’s Witness received a six-year probation under the article on organizing extremist activities
  • The court has rejected a motion to change the remaining prison term for Ruslan Kostylenkov to a softer form of punishment
  • The court in Novosibirsk sentenced the defendant in the “palace case” to a year of restriction of freedom. He was found guilty of calling for riots due to posting in a telegram chat

July 15

  • In the Tambov region, the left-wing activist is accused of justifying terrorism because of a post on the network with an appeal to law enforcement officers who “bring the people to the extreme”
  • In Novosibirsk, the arrest was extended for a month for the author of the investigation on the connections of influential United Russia members with criminals
  • Three Jehovah’s Witnesses from Sverdlovsk received from a year to two and a half years probation
  • Arkhangelsk court commuted the sentence in the case of Navalny’s headquarters ex-coordinator and eco-activist Andrei Borovikov, convicted under the article on distributing pornography because of the Rammstein video: the sentence was reduced from two and a half years to two years and three months in prison
  • Bashkir politician Airat Dilmukhametov, sentenced to nine years in a strict regime colony on charges of calling for separatism, justifying terrorism, calling for extremism and financing it, is being transported to the Trans Baikal Territory
  • In the Nizhny Novgorod region, a former employee of Navalny’s team, Evgeny Goligorov, was searched for a local “sanitary case”
  • The Prosecutor General’s Office recognized the “Project” media as an “undesirable” organization; its journalists were included in the register of “foreign agents”
  • The Ministry of Justice included the research organization “Institute of Law and Public Policy” in the register of “foreign agents”

July 16

  • A Muslim from Bashkortostan, accused of participating in a banned Islamist organization, told about the fabrication of a criminal case against him
  • Former prisoner was sentenced to five years in prison in the case of a terrorist community in a Kalmyk colony
  • A follower of the shaman Gabyshev was detained on the border of the Novosibirsk and Omsk regions
  • Charges against Former Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh were toughen up in a new case of abuse of authority

July 18

  • Human rights organization “Team 29” announced its closure due to pressure from the Prosecutor General’s Office

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