News digest for July 19-25

This article is available also in Polish.

July 19

  • The court extended arrest of ex-director of the FBK Ivan Zhdanov father for four months
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Birobidzhan was sentenced to two and a half years of probation
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Arkhangelsk was sentenced to a fine of 850 thousand rubles
  • Three Jehovah’s Witnesses were fined up to 500 thousand rubles in Kirov Region
  • The measure of restraint was extended for three months for anarchists from Chelyabinsk in the form of a ban on certain actions in the case of the banner “FSB is the main terrorist”
  • In Orenburg, employees of Center “E” (Center for Countering Extremism) conducted a search of blogger Sergei Dobryshkin, who was covering the case of shaman Gabyshev
  • Moscow court upheld the preventive measure for the lawyer Ivan Pavlov

July 20

  • Three Jehovah’s Witnesses was detained in Nalchik
  • Jehovah’s Witness was sentenced to two and a half years of probation in the Jewish Autonomous Region
  • The sentence of Pavel Grin-Romanov, a defendant in the “palace case” was commuted in Moscow: three years in prison instead of three and a half under the article on using violence against a representative of the authorities at the January 31 rally

July 21

  • The arrest of the former “Open Russia” director Andrei Pivovarov was extended for three months in the case of participation in the activities of an undesirable organization
  • Moscow court upheld a ban on certain actions for DOXA editors
  • The measure of restraint for the figurants of the “sanitary case” Dmitry Baranovsky, Lyusa Stein, Kira Yarmysh and Oleg Stepanov was extended in the form of house arrest or a ban on certain actions
  • The detention of the Ingush protest leaders was extended for another three months
  • The stay at the pri-trial detention was extended for a month for Rostov activist Kirill Skripin because of the inscription “Putin is a thief”

July 22

  • The Court of Cassation upheld the decision to hospitalize Shaman Gabyshev
  • Russia extradited a participant of opposition protests Alexei Kudin to Belarus. The ECHR previously banned Russia from extraditing Kudin because he was threatened with torture at home
  • The court extended the arrest of Yan Katelevsky, a journalist of “Rosderzhava”and the author of anti-corruption investigations

July 23

  • Pussy Riot participant Maria Alyokhina house arrest was extended for six months for the “sanitary case”
  • Crimea court left two defendants in the Simferopol case “Hizb ut-Tahrir” in custody for another two months
  • The Insider media and five journalists from Project, Dozhd, Open Media and Radio Liberty were included in the “foreign agents” media register
  • Two Crimean Tatar prisoners were sent to punishment cells for the night prayer
  • A protocol was drawn up against the head of the Committee against Torture under the article on participation in the activities of an undesirable organization

July 25

  • Irkutsk activist and former volunteer of Navalny’s headquarters Dmitry Nadein was sent for compulsory treatment in the case of justifying terrorism
Dmitry Nadein