News digest for September 6-12

This article is available also in Polish.

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September 6

  • The court released a Khabarovsk artist, accused of justifying terrorism because of his post on VKontakte, from the pre-trial detention center
  • Ilya Pershin, a figurant in the “palace case”, was assigned three years in a penal colony. He allegedly hit a riot policeman at a rally
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Kostroma was sentenced to three years of strict regime
  • A supporter of the convicted Bashkir opposition leader Dilmukhametov was sentenced to three years probation because she transferred money to his mother
  • Girlfriend of blogger Yuri Khovansky, who was accused of justifying terrorism because of the song about “Nord-Ost”, spoke about the pressure on him in the pre-trial detention center and about the loss of money after the search

September 7

  • Two Crimean Tatars who are accused in the Hizb-ut Tahrir case were left in a pre-trial detention center
  • Three Crimean Tatars were sent to a pre-trial detention center in the sabotage on gas pipeline case
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Pskov Region were sentenced to three years probation
  • Moscow City Court shortened the suspended sentence of politician Nikolai Platoshkin
  • Blogger Yuri Khovansky has been extended the term of detention in a pre-trial detention center for a month
  • Lawyer and ex-head of “Team 29” Ivan Pavlov left Russia

September 8

  • Activist from Sochi was sent to a pre-trial detention center on charges of assaulting a bailiff, who used force against her
  • A blogger who talked about corruption in the Rostov region was detained on suspicion of fraud. He considers the criminal case to be revenge from the city administration

September 9

  • The ex-head of Navalny’s headquarters in Khabarovsk, pursued under the Dadinskaya article, said that the security forces beat him during a search
  • The Moscow court extended the arrest for the actionist in the case of hooliganism on Red Square for two months
  • A figurant of the “Artpodgotovka” case found a fracture left after being arrested in 2017
  • FSB recognized the extremist organization “Artpodgotovka” as a terrorist

September 10

  • Two Chelyabinsk anarchists were sentenced to two and two and a half years in prison in the case of the banner “FSB is the main terrorist”
  • Maria Alyokhina was given a suspended year for the “sanitary case”
  • The measure of restraint was extended for a month for the editors of the student magazine DOXA
  • Gay prisoner committed suicide in Cherepovets jail
  • Convicted in the case of participation in the “Right Sector” Vladimir Domnin went on a dry hunger strike
  • In Rostov-on-Don, the arrests of the defendants in the second Hizb ut-Tahrir case in Simferopol were extended for three months
  • In Rostov-on-Don, local journalist Igor Khoroshilov was sentenced to 10-days in jail for posting about Team Navalny’s ”Smart Vote” initiative on Facebook

September 11

  • The defendant in the St. Petersburg “Network” case Viktor Filinkov was placed in a punishment cell for the fourth time in a row

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Maria Alyokhina

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