News digest for September 13-19

This article is available also in Polish.

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September 13

  • The journalist of “Rosderzhava” Yan Katelevsky was rejected an appeal for the extension of the arrest. He broke his collarbone in jail

September 14

  • Moscow municipal deputy Ketevan Kharaidze, accused of fraud, house arrest was extended for two months
  • Leader of the “Left Resistance” Darya Polyudova, sentenced to six years in prison on charges of justifying extremism and terrorism, went on a hunger strike due to the conditions of detention in a Moscow pre-trial detention center
  • ECHR declared illegal the ban of the National Bolshevik Party

September 15

  • Previously discontinued case against a Novosibirsk activist under the “Dadinskaya” article was sent for new consideration
  • OCCRP Investigative Journalists’ Association announced the termination of work in Russia

September 16

September 17

  • Defendants in the case of inciting to mass riots during the election period have been chosen a preventive measure
  • The prosecutor asked for two years in prison for the ex-head of the Khabarovsk headquarters of Navalny, Alexei Vorsin, under the “Dadinskaya” article
  • The head of the “Committee against Torture” Igor Kalyapin was fined 10 thousand rubles (about 350 euros) under the article on “undesirable organization”

September 18

  • The defendant in the St. Petersburg case of the “Network” Viktor Filinkov was placed in a punishment cell for the fifth time in a row
  • Former head of the Chelyabinsk Navalny headquarters left Russia

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Yan Katelevsky

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