Elections in Russia. Outcomes

All opposition candidates lost the elections in Moscow – although some were in the lead right up to the final vote count. The CEC is suspected of e-voting fraud.

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The main results of the elections to the State Duma: United Russia retained its constitutional majority, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation noticeably improved the result compared to the previous race (the communists took a little more than 19% on the lists and nine more seats in single-mandate constituencies), and the LDPR received one of the worst results in its stories. At the same time in the Duma for the first time since the transition to elections on party lists there will be a fifth faction – “New People” of businessman Alexei Nechaev.

The rest of the small parties officially failed to overcome the five percent barrier in the elections to the State Duma. Yabloko gained only 1.29% (during the campaign Yavlinsky urged Navalny’s supporters not to vote for Yabloko).

United Russia got the worst result in the Khabarovsk – 24.028%, here the ruling party lost to the Communists, who received 26.61%. The region was considered one of the most problematic: after last year’s arrest of LDPR governor Sergei Furgal, unprecedented protests continued for several months in the region.

Oppositional candidates for State Duma who ran in single-mandate constituencies in Moscow, according to official figures, were unable to win the last elections to the Russian parliament.

Several single-mandate candidates lost the State Duma elections, although they were in the lead during the vote count. Everything was crossed out by electronic voting.

For example, in constituency  №198, self-nominated candidate Anastasia Bryukhanova was in the lead after processing 99.57% of protocols with a score of 27.14%, and the candidate from “Spravedlivaya Russia”, Galina Khovanskaya, was second with 25.55%. After processing all the protocols, Khovanskaya became the winner, receiving 28.78% of the votes, and the final result of Bryukhanova – 23.28%.

In constituency №.201, the representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Anastasia Udaltsova, during the counting of votes, overtook the representative of United Russia, Svetlana Razvorotneva, until 99% of the protocols were processed. After processing 78.13% of the protocols, Udaltsova won 31.47% of the votes. But after counting 100% of the protocols, she lost first place – according to the election commission, Udaltsova received 25.30%, and Razorotneva – 35.72%. A similar situation is with the voting in the constituency of the leader of the Moscow branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, who was in the lead after counting 99.5%, but lost after processing 100% of the protocols.


The independent movement of public observers “Golos” recorded more than 5,000 violations, noting in its report that the elections did not meet either international or Russian standards. At least 67 observers, commission members and candidates were detained at polling stations.

The most widespread type of violations was illegal removal of observers from polling stations. This could happen both with the participation of the police, and with their complete disregard for the situation when other members of the election commission are trying to get rid of the independent observer, expelling him from the precinct. At the same time, the police could stand nearby and took no action.

“The most outrageous, in my opinion, was the case in Krasnodar, where a policeman dragged a member of the regional commission with an advisory vote from the Yabloko party, Denis Nochevka, from the polling station. He did not resist, but the policeman simply took him and dragged him across the floor from the station. And in the police department they drew up a protocol of disobedience to the police officer’s request, “says David Kankia, a member of the council of the movement of independent observers “Golos”.

At least three observers from different regions reported poisoning after the elections. On September 18, in Rostov-on-Don, Evgeny Krashennikov, a member of the election commission from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, became ill. After drinking coffee at the polling station, he started vomiting – he was taken to the hospital.

On September 19, Elvira Vikhareva, a candidate for State Duma deputy from the Babushkinsky district, announced the poisoning. According to her, at the Marfino, where she was an observer, almost all members of the commission were poisoned.

Not only observers, but also journalists were under pressure during the voting. In Khimki near Moscow, Dozhd’s correspondent Alina Didkovskaya was filed with an election violation act due to the fact that she filmed a person who found his father on the voter lists, who died because of coronavirus in 2020.

“The past elections are the worst over the past ten years in terms of the degree of pressure on observers and the fight against them,” summarizes Kankia

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