News digest for December 6-12

News digest for December 6-12

December 6

  • Jehovah’s Witness from Cherkessk was sentenced to six years probation
  • After mass searches of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Stavropol a criminal case was opened against an 82-year-old woman
  • A criminal case on the blocking of roads in Chelyabinsk to the rally on January 31 in support of Navalny was terminated
  • The court refused to remove the Dozhd TV channel from the register of “foreign agents”

December 7

  • The prosecutor’s office approved the indictment in the case of a Nizhny Novgorod citizen about an “undesirable organization”
  • Journalist Yuri Dud made a film about torture in Russian colonies and police departments

December 8

  • The defendant in the “Tiktokers case” Konstantin Lakeev was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison for throwing snowballs into FSB car
  • Roskomnadzor has blocked the site of the Tor project
  • The Supreme Court refused to overturn the provisions that allow the FSB to classify the names of the NKVD officers involved in the repression
  • Mass searches of local Jehovah’s Witnesses took place in Taganrog
  • Coordinator of “Crimean Solidarity” was re-sent under administrative arrest

December 9

  • The opposition blogger was charged with incitement to extremism. He has been in jail since August 2021.

December 10

  • The investigator dismissed the lawyer from the case of the ex-head of the Ufa headquarters of Navalny Lilia Chanysheva
  • The Moscow court decided to liquidate the election observation fund at the request of the Ministry of Justice

December 11

  • More than 60 Russian mathematicians asked to postpone the congress in St. Petersburg until the release of Azat Miftakhov

December 12

  • Police disrupted an evening of solidarity with prisoners in the “Open Space”