News digest for January 31 – February 6

News digest for January 31 – February 6

January 31

  • Alexander Strukov, a former volunteer and photographer of Navalny’s Moscow headquarters, was charged with inciting hatred and publicly calling for terrorist activities because of comments left on the telegram channel
  • “Memorial” appealed the decision of the Supreme Court on liquidation
  • Yekaterina Ostapenko, the former head of Navalny’s headquarters in Vladivostok, was put on the wanted list
  • Novaya Gazeta demanded to open a criminal case against Ramzan Kadyrov, who called journalists and human rights activists “terrorists”
  • The mother of human rights activists Ibragim and Abubakar Yangulbaev, who was abducted from Nizhny Novgorod by Chechen security forces, has become a defendant in a criminal case. She is accused of “violence against a representative of the authorities.” Musayeva could face up to 10 years in prison.
  • The coordinator of Golos in Ivanovo was declared a “foreign agent” because of the 2,000 rubles (about 23 euros) that the neighbor’s husband returned to him
  • The son of Chechen judge Yangulbaev was charged with incitement to terrorism

February 1

  • The court refused to satisfy Navalny’s claim to register him as an extremist and terrorist
  • The Court of Cassation overturned the sentence of the former head of the Arkhangelsk Navalny headquarters in the case of the repost of Rammstein video
  • Roskomnadzor demanded that Meduza and other media remove dozens of publications about FBK investigations (including the one about “Putin’s palace”)
  • The court decided that the liquidation of Memorial met the “principle of proportionality”. The decision of the Supreme Court said that the liquidation of the “International Memorial” was necessary “in order to protect the foundations of the constitutional order.”

February 2

  • The court did not allow lawyers to make extracts from the criminal case of Ivan Safronov. They need to memorize 20 volumes of the case by ear
  • The court recognized the real punishment in the case of Lyubov Sobol as legal and justified
  • The court sent Zarema Musayeva to a pre-trial detention center for two months

February 3

  • The head of the Supreme Court of Chechnya proposed to deprive Judge Yangulbaev of immunity, whose family was threatened by Kadyrov
  • The case against Navalny about fraud and insulting a judge was submitted to the Lefortovo Court of Moscow
  • Relatives of the Yangulbaev family living in Chechnya threatened them with murder
  • Novaya Gazeta columnist Elena Milashina temporarily left Russia after Kadyrov’s threats

February 4

  • The prosecutor requested from 6.5 to 9 years in prison for 16-year-olds from Kansk, who were detained because of plans to “blow up” the FSB building in Minecraft game
  • Police came to the home of activist Daria Serenko
  • The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included the Polish organization WOT Foundation in the list of undesirable non-governmental organizations

February 5

  • The Investigative Committee began checking the “Memorial” on the appeal of the “Veterans of Russia” about the rehabilitation of Nazism
Elena Milashina