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The Association “Za Wolną Rosję” strongly opposes the war initiated by Putin in Ukraine.

We understand that in the current circumstances it is hardly appropriate to talk about sympathy for Russian citizens. Nevertheless, Russians are a very diverse group of people. Among them, there are those who fought very long and with great determination for democracy in their country and were forced to leave to escape repression for Ukraine, among other places.

These days, despite persecution, pressure and threats, tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Russian cities to protest against the war. They are subjected to harsh detentions and arrests, pressure, threats of dismissal and loss of wages as well as imprisonment.

Under these conditions, we, as Russian citizens fighting for democracy and freedom in our country, understand that we cannot abandon them and turn a blind eye. So we help Russian citizens (mostly women and children) who seek asylum in other countries.

We also raise funds to support people who continue to fight Putin’s bloody regime in Russia at the risk of losing everything.

Russia is not only Putin. Russians are not only Putin. We are against war and any fighting, whatever it is called!

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