The Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom (Bonn, Germany), the WOT Foundation (Warsaw, Poland), and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Office in Russia (Moscow, Russia) call for applications to the Boris Nemtsov Forum 2019 held on October 9-10, 2019 in Warsaw.

The Boris Nemtsov Forum is one of the leading conferences which bring together Russian, European and American politicians, activists, intellectuals and journalists who share liberal values and have a strong interest in facilitating dialogue between global-minded Russians and Europeans. The Forum pays tribute to the legacy of Boris Nemtsov, former first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government and opposition leader, killed in 2015.

This year’s Forum discusses major fears which prevail in the Russian domestic policy, relations with neighbours and Russian-European dialogue. The Forum’s agenda includes two plenary sessions and nine panel discussions on the most pressing issues related to Russia.

The Forum is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland in the framework of the Public Diplomacy 2019 Program, the Polish-German Cooperation Foundation, the Polish-Russian Center for Dialogue and Cooperation, the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Warsaw, and the City of Warsaw.

Please tell us you are interested in participating in this year’s Forum by filling the form below.

Please note that submitting of this form does not equal to confirmation of participation in the Nemtsov Forum 2019. Due to the limited conference space, the organisers have the right to invite only chosen applicants. Information on the receipt of your application will be sent to you via e-mail.

Applications and registration processes to the Nemtsov Forum 2019 are carried out by the WOT Foundation, Republic of Poland, official registration number 596866 ("Fundacja WOT", KRS 596866, NIP 952-214-23-99), via the form published on the website according to the partnership agreement with the Association For Free Russia (Warsaw, Poland), Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom (Bonn, Germany), and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Office in Russia). Data collection and processing are carried out only for the purposes of preparing and conducting Nemtsov Forum 2019. The administrator of the data can be contacted at