“We don’t need the State Department to hold a revolution”

HANNA LIUBAKOVA Статья доступна на русском языке. Russian human rights campaigner Svetlana Gannushkina has spent several decades defending the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. She is the Chair of Russia’s Civic Assistance Committee, heads Memorial’s Migration Rights Network, and until 2012 was a member of Russia’s Presidential Council on the development of civil […]

First results of the fundraising campaign for the Free Russia House

Starting from the beginning of April, we have been collecting funds to establish the Free Russia House in Warsaw. By May 12, 2017, we have received donations of 8322 pln ($ 2080) and donations in the form of furniture and office equipment of approximately 8000 pln ($ 2000). During this period we have continued our […]

Warsaw has now its “Free Russia House”. Help us to move in

Recently, both in Poland and around the world, the new wave of protests in Russia are being widely discussed: for the first time in years thousands of Russians took to the streets of dozens of cities to protest against the regime of Putin-Medvedev. Young people prevailed among the protesters, however there were also people who […]