Let’s help Ukraine to keep warm!

Cold days are coming. Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been severely damaged by the war. The country is on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. Ukrainians are in critical need of portable wood-burning furnaces, heaters and electric power generators. You can help Ukraine and buy necessary goods for residents of freezing towns and cities. We are […]

Uncontrollable violence is spreading in Russia. We need to act (STATEMENT)

Protests continue in Russia after the Kremlin’s decision to mobilize men. The announced partial “mobilization” is de facto a roundup of everyone. The whole world saw pictures of increasingly brutal arrests of protesters in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and other cities.   However the poorest and minority regions are paying the highest price for […]

Repression in Russia: Anti-Kadyrov medium labeled ‘extremist’

   July 11     The fourth verdict in the criminal case of “fakes” about the army: A court in Orenburg sentenced 22-year-old Ivan Moskalenko to 8 months of correctional labor with a deduction of 10% of the salary to the state income. The reason for the initiation of the case was three videos about […]

Repression in Russia: Ilya Yashin arrested

June 27 In Krasnoyarsk, Jehovah’s Witness Yevgeny Zinich was sentenced to six years in prison. It is not the first time that Zinich’s family has been persecuted for religious beliefs: his grandfather received 5 years in prison for refusing to take up arms for religious reasons, and in 1951, Yevgeny’s mother and her parents were […]

Projekt Help.FreeRussia

The Association “Za Wolną Rosję” strongly opposes the war initiated by Putin in Ukraine. We understand that in the current circumstances it is hardly appropriate to talk about sympathy for Russian citizens. Nevertheless, Russians are a very diverse group of people. Among them, there are those who fought very long and with great determination for […]

Only united we can stand

We, Russians living abroad and sharing democratic values and principles, strongly condemn the unprovoked military attack of the Russian Government on independent and sovereign Ukraine. We call on the international community to give the strongest possible response, including harsh sanctions against the aggressor. >>> You can sign here <<< [cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”2/3″][cmsms_text] We also urge the […]

Boris Nemtsov Forum 2019

The Boris Nemtsov Forum is one of the leading conferences which bring together Russian, European and American politicians, activists, intellectuals and journalists who share liberal values and have a strong interest in facilitating dialogue between global-minded Russians and Europeans. The Forum pays tribute to the legacy of Boris Nemtsov, former first Deputy Prime Minister of […]

Sign the petition for the registration of independent candidates to the Moscow City Duma

FAO: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe In connection to violations committed by the Moscow executive authorities in providing access for independent candidates to the election to the Moscow City Council (Duma), persecution of citizens […]

“We don’t need the State Department to hold a revolution”

HANNA LIUBAKOVA Статья доступна на русском языке. Russian human rights campaigner Svetlana Gannushkina has spent several decades defending the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. She is the Chair of Russia’s Civic Assistance Committee, heads Memorial’s Migration Rights Network, and until 2012 was a member of Russia’s Presidential Council on the development of civil […]