About the foundation

"Fundacja WOT" is a foundation that works closely with the Association and engages in legal and financial interactions with donors and recipients, government agencies and counterparties.

Its main activity is to support Russian civil society.

"Fundacja WOT" is an undesirable organization on the territory of the Russian Federation

Today, "Fundacja WOT" is an analytical, project and expert center that deals with topics related to the Russian Federation and Eastern Partnership countries and migrants

Fundacja WOT is engaged in:

— Support for journalists and media programs

— Supporting civic education initiatives

— Covering human rights issues in Russia

— Supporting initiatives aimed at the development of local self-government

— Supporting diasporas of free Russians in Poland and Europe.

We raise funds for legal assistance, language courses, educational activities for children and adults, psychological and material help for those in need - with housing and food, scholarships for children and youth. We help volunteer initiatives organizationally and financially.

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