Association "For a Free Russia"

We are a community of like-minded people who support the transformation of Russia into a democratic country that respects the rights and freedoms of every person, the rule of law, is open to cooperation with Western countries and respects its neighbors.

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What we do


We will save Russians from political persecution: we consult on visas and other documents, support relocation and integration of the activists in risk to Poland

We are forming a community of free Russians living in Poland, helping to preserve their identity and support their initiatives.

We are trying to facilitate better understanding between Russians and Poles, we are facilitating communication between the civil society of Russia, Poland and other European countries

We are strengthening partnership between groups of free Russians in different European countries

How to help us​

The association "For a free Russia" strongly opposes the war unleashed by Putin in Ukraine.

We understand that in the current situation it is difficult to talk about empathy for the citizens of Russia. And yet among the Russians there are many different people. There are those among them who fought very long and desperately for democracy in their country and had to leave, after the choice between spending years in jail or continuing activity from abroad – to leave in Ukraine.

Today, despite persecution, pressure and threats, tens of thousands of people take to the streets of Russian cities, protesting against the war. They are subject to severe detention and arrest, pressure, threats of release and deprivation of liberty, as well as deprivation of liberty. In these circumstances, we, as Russian citizens fighting for democracy and freedom in our country, are aware that we cannot leave them behind and turn a blind eye. That is why we are helping Russian citizens (mainly women and children) who are seeking asylum in other countries. We are also raising funds to support people who are still fighting the Putin blood regime in Russia at the risk of losing everything.

Russia is not just Putin. The Russians are not just Putin.

We are against war and all fighting, no matter what it is called!

You can support our activities and make a donation to our bank account

EUR account

60 1160 2202 0000 0004 9849 9990

PL 60 1160 2202 0000 0004 9849 9990

PLN account

13 1160 2202 0000 0003 5776 5282

IBAN PL 13 1160 2202 0000 0003 5776 5282


Bank Millennium, 2A Stanisława Żaryna str., 02-593 Warsaw Poland

Name and address of the payee:

Stowarzyszenie Za Wolna Rosje, 139 Czerniakowska str., 00-453 Warsaw, Poland

Purpose of payment:

Contribution for statutory activities

Consular registration of former residents of the regions of the Russian Federation

By starting a war with Ukraine, the leadership of the Russian Federation has jeopardized the safety of every citizen of the Russian Federation.

During the war, every day we receive a lot of requests for help, advice and support from holders of Russian passports who are looking for protection and security in new conditions.

Today we are expanding the scope of our responsibility and are ready to develop a system of support and protection for every holder of Russian citizenship who opposes the war and seeks protection and support.​​

We understand that tens of thousands of people have left Russia in recent days alone, and we know that hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens live all over the world. All of them will either become hostages of Putin, or will be forced to seek protection in other states.

We are announcing a new consular registration in order to assess the number of Russian citizens who are unsafe and to understand how to allocate our support resources.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fundacja współpracy polsko-niemieckiej
British Embassy Warsaw
City of Warsaw
Embassy of the Czech Republic in Warsaw

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