Russian State Against Children

Over the past few days, on the eve of Children’s Day, we have published information about various tragedies that concern minors and the responsibility for which lies with the Russian state. The facts that we published are well known, they have been confirmed by both international organizations and, in some cases, by official bodies in […]

Kleptostop. There is always a way out

Sanctions against Kremlin’s oligarchs? There is always a way out. investigates Rotenbergs’ properties in the EU. In 2017, a series of investigation reports on the assets of the Kremlin oligarchs in EU was published by independent researchers of the – an anticorruption volunteers’ project investigating legality of activities carried out by bureaucrats and […]

Does Russia follow the European Local Government Charter? Monitoring results

The European Charter of Local Self-Government was adopted in 1985 by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe and is the most important multilateral document defining the fundamental principles of the functioning of local self-government. The Charter is an international treaty and therefore has priority over the national legislation of […]