CfA MOST project for journalists from Poland, France, Germany and the UK

The For Free Russia Association (Warsaw) and Boris Nemtsov Foundation For Freedom (Bonn) invite journalists specialized in international reportage working for Polish, British, German and French media to take part in the 3rd edition of MOST project.

MOST project was designed in 2016 to facilitate the cooperation between Russian and EU media professionals and to help journalists both from Russia and the EU to prepare the piece of international reportage. The project offers journalists from EU a unique opportunity to meet their Russian colleagues – independent journalists, not just from Moscow but from different regions, to establish the partnership with them for future common initiatives, and to use their expertise to prepare the really insider piece about Russian political, social or cultural life.

This year we propose the participants to take part in a workshop held in Warsaw on June 14-16th, 2018 and then carry out a 4-days reporter’s trip between July 15th and November 30th to prepare the material from selected country (Poland, France, Germany or Britain for Russian participants, Russia for participants from EU countries).

We help the project participants to develop the idea of their material, give the assistance in finding experts or local contacts. The organizers fully cover the expenses dealing with the participation in a workshop in Warsaw: tickets, accommodation and meals, and the biggest part of the expenses dealing with the trip to Russia: tickets to the selected place in Russia (not just to Moscow), accommodation and per diem for 4 days.

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