News digest for February 7-13

News digest for February 7-13

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February 7

  • Security forces conducted searches in the company of one of the leaders of the coalition “Stop-Shies”
  • The court fined Mediazona and editor-in-chief Sergei Smirnov. The court found both guilty of failing to indicate the ban on the activities of the Headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Russia in the news about the verdict in the Sanitary Case. Mediazona was fined 40,000 rubles (about 470 euros), Smirnov – 4,000 rubles (about 47 euros)
  • Ilya Yashin launched a petition demanding the resignation of Ramzan Kadyrov from the post of head of Chechnya

February 8

  • Priest Georgy Sukhobokiy, who was wanted to be exiled to a monastery for supporting Navalny, left Russia
  • Nizhny Novgorod investigators refused to check on the kidnapping of Zarema Musaeva, who was forcibly taken to Grozny
  • Ministry of justice included Bellingcat Foundation to foreign agents register
  • The new case against Navalny will be considered right in the colony. The visiting court session will be held on February 15 in IK-2 in Pokrov
  • Roskomnadzor opened an administrative case against the Stichting Bellingcat Foundation for not marking a foreign agent
  • The Dozhd TV channel demands that a criminal case be opened against Kadyrov under the article on inciting hatred or enmity
  • The “Drugaja Russia” activist Alexander Rybkin was arrested for 15 days for a tattoo with the logo of a musical group
  • Daria Serenko was detained for posting a photo on Instagram with the symbols of Navalny’s Smart Voting on September 16 last year. The picture was declared extremist
  • Pussy Riot activist Maria Alyokhina was arrested for 15 days
  • The Ministry of Justice demanded the liquidation of the Sphere Foundation, which protects the rights of LGBT people

February 9

  • Rap singer Morgenstern was sued for drug propaganda over tattoo
  • The girl who posed at the mosque in underwear was finally charged. She and the film crew face up to a year in prison
  • The Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg fined a member of the Communist Party Alexei Filippov under an article on inciting hatred. The reason is a repost of a picture with a quote from the French philosopher

February 10

  • A teenager Nikita Uvarov was sent to a colony for 5 years for plans to blow up the building of the FSB in the Minecraft game
  • The Pskov police suspected the deputy of demonstrating extremist symbols because of the inscription “Navalny 20!8”
  • Shaninka student was fined 153 thousand rubles (about 1800 euros). The girl was found guilty under several articles, including an article on repeated violation of the rules for holding rallies

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Nikita Uvarov

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