News digest for June 21-27

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June 21

  • A case against Furgal’s supporter was opened in Khabarovsk. Elmira Kyalunzige is charged with an article on violence against a government official
  • A defendant in the “Ingush case”, Zaurbek Dzaurov was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of assaulting a security official
  • Yevgeny Yegorov, Jehovah’s Witness from Birobidzhan, was sentenced to two and a half years probation on charges of participating in the activities of an extremist organization
  • Attorney General’s Office Recognized American Bard College as an “Undesirable Organization”. Bard College has worked with St. Petersburg State University for over 20 years
  • The Social Science Laboratory educational project, which had previously announced its closure due to the law on educational activities, was recognized as a foreign agent

June 22

  • Pavel Krysevich was charged with hooliganism. Due to the performance on Red Square, he faces up to seven years in prison (Krysevich fired two blank cartridges into the air and then imitated suicide by shooting himself in the head)
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses from Kemerovo Sergey Yavushkin and Alexander Bondarchuk were sentenced to four years probation. They were found guilty of participating in the activities and financing an extremist organization
  • Detentions in connection with the «Hizb ut-Tahrir» case took place in Ufa

June 23

  • In Moscow, participants in the winter protests Olga Bendas and Alexander Glushkov were sentenced to two years in prison on charges of using violence against the police
  • Leader of the Ingush protest, Akhmed Pogorov, has his term in jail extended for another three months
  • The court changed the measure of restraint for lawyer Mikhail Benyash on recognizance not to leave country. A case was brought against him under an article on violence against a government representative at a rally against pension reform
  • Moscow courts have arrested three Pussy Riot members for 15 days. All of them were found guilty of disobeying the lawful order of the police or of hooliganism
  • The district election commission of the Nagatinsky single-mandate district of Moscow refused Oleg Stepanov (the former head of the Moscow headquarters of Alexei Navalny) to open an electoral account to collect signatures before the elections to the State Duma

June 24

  • The Supreme Court ignored the decision of the ECHR and found it legitimate to extend the arrest of the defendants in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case in Ufa. Radmir Maksutov, Rustem Gallyamov, Danis Fayzrakhmanov, Artur Salimov and Rinat Nurlygayanov spent more than three years in a pre-trial detention center, and then were sentenced to terms from 22 to 25 years in prison
  • Three Perm citizens were detained for recording a video message for a “direct line” with Putin. They are accused of organizing and participating in an unsanctioned rally

June 25

  • Jehovah’s Witness from Krasnodar, Alexander Shcherbina sentence was commuted, but he will still go to a colony for two years
  • Nizhny Novgorod activist Mikhail Iosilevich, a defendant in the case of an “undesirable organization”, was extended the term of imprisonment in a pre-trial detention center for two months
  • Tatiana Sholner, Jehovah’s Witness from Birobidzhan, was sentenced to two and a half years probation
  • Politician Ilya Yashin was not allowed to participate in the elections to the current convocation of the Moscow City Duma due to his support of the politician Alexei Navalny
  • Moscow court recognize legitimate the decision to register Alexei Navalny as “liable to escape”

June 26

  • A criminal case was opened in Syktyvkar against the human rights activist for insulting a judge. The reason for the accusation against Ernest Mezak was comic posts on social networks, where he called the court a “city Chapiteau

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Maria Alyokhina and Lyusya Stein in a paddy wagon near the Investigative Committee of Russia. Photo of attorney Leonid Solovyov Twitter @pchikov

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