News digest for 28 june – 4 july

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June 28

  • The charges against DOXA editors have been escalated. Accusation of a crime by a group of persons was added to the clauses of the involving minors in dangerous activities via Internet
  • Voronezh activist Grigory Severin, who was accused of calling for extremism on the Internet because of the post about the shooting near the FSB building in Lubyanka, was sent to a pre-trial detention center
  • Putin signed a decree prohibiting Russians from participating in the activities of “unwanted” foreign organizations abroad
  • The court extended stay in the pre-trial jail for another three months for the defendants of the Alushta group “Hizb ut-Tahrir” Ruslan Nagaev, Eldar Kantimirov, Lenur Khalilov and Ruslan Mesutov

June 29

  • Police conducted searches of the editor-in-chief of the “Project” Roman Badanin, his deputy Mikhail Rubin and correspondent Maria Zholobova as part of a criminal libel case. Journalists associate searches with the release of an investigation about Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev
  • The case of Murmansk resident Oleg Kovalev was reclassified from charges of extremism to terrorism, three more episodes were added. The reason for the criminal case was a harsh commentary criticizing the authorities on VKontakte social network
  • Security officials came to search the house of Elena Rodvikova, a single mother from Syktyvkar. She is accused of calling for extremism and terrorism on the Internet due to critical comments on VKontakte social network on new legislative initiatives of the State Duma
  • The Supreme Court upholds the sentence to Bashkir opposition leader Ayrat Dilmukhametov: nine years in a maximum security colony on charges of incitement to extremism, separatism, terrorism and public criticism of the regime
  • The Prosecutor General’s Office has recognized the Czech “Society for Freedom of Information” as «unwanted»

June 30

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses from Amur region Dmitry Golik and Alexei Berchuk were sentenced to unprecedentedly harsh terms for their faith – seven and eight years in a general regime colony respectively
  • The defendant in the “palace case” and a member of the precinct election commission from Yabloko Roman Pichuzhin was sentenced to two years in prison
  • The defendant in the “palace case” from Krasnoyarsk Vitaly Berdnikov was sentenced to one and a half years probation. He is accused of throwing a plastic bottle and snowballs at the police
  • Journalist Ivan Safronov will stay in pre-trial detention center until October. He is accused of treason
  • The court denied parole to the defendant in the “Moscow case” Kirill Zhukov
  • The Prosecutor General’s Office has recognized four European funds associated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky – the Future of Russia Foundation, Khodorkovsky Foundation, Oxford Russia Fund and European Choice – as “undesirable organizations”

July 1

  • The journalist of the Dagestan “Chernovik” Abdulmumin Gadzhiev and two other defendants in the case of allegedly financing the banned “Islamic State” through charity – Abubakar Rizvanov and Kemal Tambiev – were extended the pre-trial detention center for four months
  • 75-year-old Jehovah’s Witness from Chelyabinsk Vladimir Suvorov was sentenced to six years probation
  • Putin signed a bill that toughens responsibility for cooperation with “undesirable organizations”
  • Moscow law enforcement officers came to search the election headquarters of Oleg Stepanov, who is going to run for the State Duma

July 2

  • In Bashkiria, Ruslan Ishmitov, who was accused of participation in the banned Islamic organization At-Takfir wal-Hijrah, stated about torture and threats from the FSB
  • Sochi resident Mikhail Kalyamin was sentenced to two years probation in the case of extremism. He connects his persecution with posts on social networks, in which he criticizes the current government
  • In Surgut pre-trial detention three Muslims went on a dry hunger strike demanding to investigate the fabrication of a criminal case
  • Putin ordered banks to provide data on accounts and operations of NPOs at the request of the Ministry of Justice
  • Bailiffs came to the editorial office of Readovka “with a resolution to block the entire site”

July 3

  • Pussy Riot member Veronica Nikulshina was re-arrested for another 15 days

July 4

  • House arrest was extended for two months to blogger Alexei Fedorov from Kemerovo in the case of incitement to hatred over a video about the region’s problems on YouTube

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