News digest for August 2-8

This article is available also in Polish.

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August 2

  • The court fined Danny Akel, the defendant in the “sanitary case”, 100 thousand rubles. According to the investigation, he came to the action on January 23 with the coronavirus, Akel denied it
  • In Rostov-on-Don, Jehovah’s Witness Andrey Okhrimchuk was sentenced to four years probation for his faith
  • The editor-in-chief of “BlogSochi” Alexander Valov, sentenced to six years in the extortion case, told his lawyer about the torture conditions in the colony
  • Grigory Winter, a human rights activist from Cherepovets, was replaced by the restriction of freedom with compulsory work in criminal cases about fakes and insulting a government official

August 3

  • The verdict to the Kaliningrad nationalists in the BARS case was left unchanged: from three to eight years in prison on charges of terrorist, extremist activities and possession of weapons
  • Lyubov Sobol was found guilty of inciting violation of sanitary and epidemiological norms at the rally on January 23 in Moscow and imposed a year and a half of restriction of freedom
  • In Yalta, two more Jehovah’s Witnesses are accused of extremist articles. The court sent Petr Zhiltsov under house arrest, and Daria Kuzio will remain under recognizance for a year
  • Moscow court left the defendant in the “palace case” Alexander Federyakov in the pre-trial detention center until at least January 5, 2022
  • The Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Bar Association of St. Petersburg, which refused to deprive the status of the lawyer of Ivan Pavlov

August 4

  • The decision to find the FBK and Navalny’s headquarters as extremist organizations was recognized as legal. It entered into force
  • Former director of “Open Russia” Andrei Pivovarov was be kept in custody until the end of October
  • Petersburg deputy Maxim Reznik was left under house arrest. The judge refused to attach more than 400 personal guarantees to the case
  • OSCE refused to observe the elections to the State Duma due to Russia’s demand to reduce the mission from 500 to 60 people
  • Roskomnadzor has blocked the sites of “Pravozaschita Otkritki”, “Open Media” and “MBH Media”, as well as the site of the “Profession – Journalist” award. All of them are associated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky

August 5

  • In St. Petersburg, a protester on January 23, Nicholay Devatiy, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. He was found guilty of using violence against a government official during a rally
  • The defendant in the “palace case” in Kazan was sentenced to a year and six months in a penal colony on charges of incitement to extremist activities and riots
  • In Saratov Region, Jehovah’s Witness sentence was reduced by two months
  • In Rostov Region, four Jehovah’s Witnesses pre-trial detention was extended for another three months
  • 80-year-old scientist from St. Petersburg accused of treason was prohibited to go outside for a walk. A month ago he was hospitalized with suspected heart attack

August 6

  • The defendant in the Hizbut-Tahrir case, Asgat Khafizov, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison, was sentenced to 16 more years in prison in a new case on a terrorist organization
  • Sentences to the persons involved in the “sanitary case”: Nikolai Lyaskin – a year of restriction of freedom, and Oleg Navalny – a year of suspended imprisonment. The court found both guilty of incitement to violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules due to the action on January 23
  • Blogger Khovansky detention, accused of justifying terrorism, was extended until September

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Lyubov Sobol

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