News digest for August 16-22

This article is available also in Polish.

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August 16

• The defendants in the Hizb ut-Tahrir case in Alushta were sentenced to terms of imprisonment from 12 to 18 years. Crimean residents Ruslan Mesutov, Lenur Khalilov, Ruslan Nagaev and Eldar Kantimirov were accused of organizing a terrorist community and preparing for the seizure of power
• Navalny’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, was found guilty in a “sanitary case” and imposed a year and a half of restriction of freedom
• “Krym.Realiy” journalist, a victim of torture, told about the health deterioration in the pre-trial detention center

August 17

• The security forces carried out mass searches of the Crimean Tatars. At least five people were detained
• In Kansk, the court softened the preventive measure and released teenagers accused of undergoing training for terrorist activities from the pre-trial detention center
• Nizhny Novgorod businessman Mikhail Iosilevich, accused of collaborating with an “undesirable organization”, was released from the pre-trial detention center
• Activist who was protesting against the renovation in Moscow was placed under a house arrest
• Voronezh activist accused of extremism was placed under a house arrest
• Police in Moscow massively began to come to people whose data got into the bases allegedly related to Navalny’s projects

August 18

• Arthur Maslakov, a defendant in the case of the preparation of a terrorist attack in the Moscow cinema “Kyrgyzstan”, was arrested again
• In St. Petersburg, Ivan Punegov, a participant in an action in support of Navalny, was sentenced to a year in a penal colony under the article on violence against a police office
• The court sent for compulsory treatment a resident of Rostov-on-Don because of the comments about the explosion in the Arkhangelsk FSB
• The Ministry of Justice entered the movement of independent election observers “Golos” into the new register of organizations – “foreign agents”

August 19

• Two Sakhalin teenagers were sentenced to six and a half and seven years in prison for the preparation of Columbine
• MSU student Said-Mukhamad Dzhumaev was sentenced to five years in prison for a fight with riot police officers at a rally in support of Navalny on January 23
• Jehovah’s Witness from Birobidzhan was sentenced to two and a half years on probation

August 20

• A case was opened against two Kaliningrad activists under the “Dadinskaya” article (article of the Russian federation criminal code for repeated violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a meeting, demonstration or picketing)
• The ex-head of Navalny’s Moscow headquarters, Oleg Stepanov, was imposed a year of restriction of freedom in the “sanitary case”
• The Moscow Region journalists Yan Katelevsky and Alexander Dorogov, who are accused of extortion and insulting a police officer, have the pre-trial detention center extended until the end of October
• Three persons involved in the third case of Bakhchisarai “Hizb utTahrir” have their arrest extended for two months
• “Dozhd” TV channel, “Important stories” and journalists of “Important stories” were entered in the “foreign agents” media register

August 21

• A Novosibirsk journalist accused of fraud was sent to a pre-trial detention center after escaping from house arrest
• The Ministry of Justice recognized the “Fourth Sector” association of freelance journalists as a “foreign agent”

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