News digest for November 8-14

News digest for November 8-14

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November 8

  • The prosecutor’s office requested a sentence of seven and a half to nine years’ imprisonment for the leaders of the Ingush protest
  • A criminal case was opened against the doctor who signed the medical report, according to which the political prisoner in the case of the preparation of the terrorist act in the Moscow cinema “Kyrgyzstan” was released ahead of schedule. The prisoner has already been arrested again
  • Ivan Pavlov, his colleagues from «Team 29», and the Russian LGBT Network were recognized as foreign agents
  • Jehovah’s Witness from Surgut was awarded compensation for hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital pending because he was taken there before the court decision entered into force

November 9

  • The Chelyabinsk police dropped the criminal case under the “Dadinskaya” article against the 18-year-old coordinator of the “Vesna” movement, who was detained at a rally in support of Alexei Navalny
  • Moscow city court sent rector of Shaninka Sergey Zuev to the pre-trial detention center
  • Moscow court extended the pre-trial detention center for the actionist Pavel Krisevich for a month
  • The actors of the series about the fictional deputy Vitaly Nalivkin were searched in the case of hooliganism
  • The deputy chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people was charged with smuggling an explosive device. In addition, Nariman Jelal is still charged with sabotage and illegal acquisition of explosives
  • Azat Miftakhov, a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, who was sentenced to six years in a colony in the case of a broken window in the United Russia office, was registered as prone to suicide, terrorism, drug use and an attack on colony employees
  • The ECHR declared illegal the liquidation of the organization of assistance to refugees “Assistance” in 2008

November 10

  • To the defendants in the case of the «Chto-Delat!» Telegram channel the measure of restraint was extended until February 14. They are accused of inciting to riot during the three-day voting
  • Moscow court extended the ban on certain actions to DOXA editors for six months
  • The former head of the Ufa Navalny headquarters was arrested in connection with the “extremist community” case. At the trial, she announced that she was probably pregnant
  • The prosecutor’s office dismisses the criminal case of the programmer who handed over the video archive with torture to
  • has published new videos of prisoners torture in the Saratov prison hospital

November 11

  • The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded that International Memorial must be liquidated. The court session will be held on November 25
  • The Supreme Court ruled to postpone the consideration of Sergei Furgal’s case from Khabarovsk to the Moscow region. The decision is motivated by the fact that in the Far East Furgal will allegedly be able to influence public opinion and local judges
  • Former director of Open Russia Andrei Pivovarov arrest was extended in a criminal case on the activities of an “undesirable organization” until April 29, 2022
  • The defendant in the “Network” case Viktor Filinkov was convoyed in an unknown direction

November 12

  • The Moscow prosecutor’s office demanded the liquidation of the Memorial Human Rights Center. In addition to “hiding information about the performance of the function of a foreign agent,” the materials of the center allegedly contain signs of justifying extremism and terrorism. The preliminary court session will be held on November 23
  • The court in Rostov-on-Don once again extended the arrest of an elderly Crimean resident accused of involvement in the banned Hizb ut-Tahrir
  • The cassation court rejected a complaint from a native of Chechnya convicted of an attack on a security official. The charges against him were fabricated in connection with the fact that he posted on the Internet a video from the elite district of Grozny
  • One of the founders of the “Russian LGBT Network” Kochetkov was recognized as a “foreign agent”
  • The founder of the human rights project, Vladimir Osechkin, was put on the wanted list again
  • Roskomnadzor drew up protocols on Roman Badanin and Pyotr Verzilov under the law on “foreign agents”

November 13

  • Five more participants of the rally in Vladikavkaz against the “self-isolation regime” received real terms
  • A priest from the Ulyanovsk was sent to a monastery for six months after his post in support of Navalny

November 14

  • The head of the Rostov POC was summoned for interrogation in the case of justifying Nazism. He talked about torture in the prison hospital

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