Vladimir Milov and Karinna Moskalenko met with the Dutch diaspora of Russians

Russian opposition politician Vladimir Milov and human rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko met with the Dutch diaspora of Russians on Wednsday, November, 17.

Russian opposition leader, economist, former Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia, and Navalny’s associate Vladimir Milov visited the Netherlands this week to discuss important political matters with representatives of the major political parties in The Hague. The next day he attended a meeting with politically active Russians in Amsterdam, in the ‘Blin Queen’ restaurant who was so kind to host the community dinner despite organizational difficulties in current times.

Vladimir Milov talked about the opposition’s strategy for dealing with Russia’s escalating repressions, shared how the team is pushing for a unilateral statement against Putin’s actions from the EU, and how our disapora can demonstrate the immense demand for democracy and human rights in Russia.

Karinna Moskalenko, the second speaker on Wednesday, is a Russian human rights lawyer who won the first public judicial case against the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). She worked with M. Khodorkovsky, G. Kasparov, A. Litvinenko, and A. Politkovskaya’s family. She is also currently active as a human rights lawyer, living both in Moscow and Strasbourg, where the ECHR is located. Karinna Moskalenko shared her thoughts on the different approaches of politicians and lawyers to the common cause, what legal avenues are available internationally to help in the fight for Human Rights in Russia, and how to protect yourselves from the threats coming from our government.

Moreover, a lot of attention was devoted to the role of the international diaspora in changing the political situation in Russia. The speakers discussed what has been accomplished and what still must be done in the future. This event helped to bring everyone together to form a bigger and more united community of Russians abroad.