News digest for November 22-27

News digest for November 22-27

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November 22

  • Kemerovo blogger was found guilty under the article on insulting the security officer and the rehabilitation of Nazism. Case was filed over YouTube videos
  • In Moscow FSB officers conducted searches in an extremism case linked to the Left Resistance movement
  • Opponent of the temple construction in the center of Yekaterinburg was sent for compulsory treatment
  • The public figure and the journalist were fined 20 (about 236 euros) and 150 thousand rubles (about 1772 euros) for the action in support of Memorial
  • Court in Vladivostok acquits Jehovah’s Witness for the first time

November 23

  • A preliminary meeting was held in the Moscow City Court on the claim of the Moscow prosecutor’s office to liquidate Memorial HRC. The second preliminary meeting will be held on November 29
  • More than 30 Crimean Tatars were detained in Simferopol, they were meeting a lawyer from a special detention center. They were assigned fines and administrative arrests
  • The Penza blogger was put on the federal wanted list in a libel case because of a post in which he writes that in 2016 the vice-governor was on the federal wanted list. Blogger is not in Russia
  • The second lawyer defending Ivan Safronov left Russia. Earlier it became known that the Bar Association initiated disciplinary proceedings against him
  • Five leaders of Ingush protest made final speeches in court
  • A resident of the Kaluga was approved a fine of 700 thousand rubles (about 8300 euros) for a post on the involvement of a war veteran in political repression
  • Searches of Jehovah’s Witnesses took place in Stavropol and Karachay-Cherkessia

November 24

  • The court in Chelyabinsk overturned the verdict on the anarchists in the case of the banner “FSB is the main terrorist.” Previously, they were assigned real terms under the article on hooliganism motivated by political enmity
  • Former Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Furgal was charged under two articles of a new criminal case – organizing a criminal community and fraud
  • Irina Fatyanova, ex-coordinator of Navalny’s St. Petersburg headquarters, left Russia
  • An activist from Kaluga emigrated to the Netherlands after it was known that a criminal case was opened against him
  • Lipetsk court sentenced three Jehovah’s Witnesses to fines of 500 thousand rubles (about 6000 euros)
  • In Ivanovo, after searches at Jehovah’s Witnesses, one believer was sent to a pre-trial detention center

November 25

  • The Supreme Court has begun consideration of the lawsuit filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office to liquidate the International Memorial. The second hearing will be held on December 14
  • Detentions took place near the Supreme Court, where the meeting on the liquidation of Memorial was held. Four activists were taken to the department. Two of them were subsequently assigned administrative arrest
  • State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Rashkin was deprived of immunity due to the case of the murder of an elk
  • Former head of Navalny’s Novosibirsk headquarters Sergei Boyko left Russia

November 26

  • Editor-in-chief of Sota.Vision was added to the register of “foreign agents”
  • The former head of the Saratov prison hospital was sent to a pre-trial detention center in the case of sexual abuse of prisoners
  • Pskov Regional Court overturns the verdict of Jehovah’s Witness and sent his case for a new trial
  • A new criminal case was opened in Krasnoyarsk against the 55-year-old Jehovah’s Witness under the article on organizing the activities of an extremist organization
  • A member of the libertarian “Tea Club” left Russia with his family
  • Blogger, who was recruited as a witness in the case of blogger Yuri Khovansky, accused of justifying terrorism, left Russia

November 27

  • HSE fired two law professors after criticizing Russian judicial system

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Irina Fatyanova

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