Jan Nowak-Jezeranski Prize 2022 to the Memorial

This award is always presented on June 4 – the anniversary of the first partially free elections in Poland.

The International Association “Memorial”, which fights for human rights and the memory of Soviet repression victims, will receive the Jan Nowak-Jezeransky Prize for “understanding the state as a common good” this year. The political regime of Vladimir Putin wants to influence all areas of russian people life. On the other hand, we have a courageous russian civil society that resists this authoritarian power and wants to live in peace and democracy. “Memorial” is fighting heroically on behalf of the russian people for sovereignty, subjectivity, freedom and respect for human rights, said Jacek Sutrik, President of Wroclaw and jury member of the award. The award will be presented traditionally during the June gala concert in the gardens of the Ossolineum in Wroclaw.

The award is given to personalities who embody “thoughts of the state as a common good”, as well as to institutions that have made a significant contribution to the overthrow of communism, the restoration of Poland’s independence and the formation of civil society in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.