Repression in Russia: Ilya Yashin arrested

June 27

  • In Krasnoyarsk, Jehovah’s Witness Yevgeny Zinich was sentenced to six years in prison. It is not the first time that Zinich’s family has been persecuted for religious beliefs: his grandfather received 5 years in prison for refusing to take up arms for religious reasons, and in 1951, Yevgeny’s mother and her parents were exiled to Khakassia as part of Operation North, and his father was sentenced to 10 years in prison for transporting religious literature.
  • A resident of Nalchik, Zaurbek Zhambekov was sentenced to two years probation and a fine of 30,000 rubles (this is the first sentence under a new article on discrediting the army). His daughter, at his request, tore a sticker in the shape of the letter Z, used by the Russian authorities “special operation” symbol, from the car of a police officer.
  • Nina Belyaeva, a deputy of the Village Council in the Voronezh Region, was arrested in absentia in the case of “fakes” about the army because of her anti-war speech at a council meeting.


June 28



  • At the meeting, the deputy head of the presidential administration called on the regions to organize “high-quality monitoring” of the media and social networks to identify “fakes” about the army. According to the law adopted in March 2022, the distribution of such “fakes” is a crime for which a penalty of up to 15 years in prison is provided.
  • In Tambov, a case was opened under an article on vandalism against a 20-year-old student who cut off from the banner “A world without Nazism. Za Russia! Za President!” the last part.
  • In St. Petersburg, a case was opened against 54-year-old Oleg Belousov about “fakes” about the army because of anti-war comments in the public “Petersburg Diggers.” During the search, the SOBR officers completely tore the iron door of Belousov’s apartment out of the wall. Even though Belousov has a third-degree disability and a son with developmental disabilities who needs special care, he was sent to a pre-trial detention center.
  • Ilya Yashin, one of the leaders of the Russian democratic opposition, was arrested for 15 days on trumped-up charges of disobeying the police. A similar arrest preceded the criminal case of another opposition politician, Vladimir Kara-Murza. Then it became known about initiating a criminal case of “fakes” on the armed forces on the 10th day of administrative arrest.
  • Dmitry Talantov, President of the Udmurtia Chamber of Advocates, was prosecuted for spreading “fakes” about the army because of a Facebook post in which he called the actions of the Russian army in Mariupol, Irpen and Bucha “Nazi practices.” The reason for initiating the case was the rebuke of the “patriot blogger” Roman Skomorokhov from the Military Review resource. Talantov was sent to the pre-trial detention center.


June 29



  • Detention in a pre-trial detention center of Ernes Ametov, a defendant in the Bakhchisarai case of Hizb ut-Tahrir, was extended. In 2020, Ametov was acquitted and released from custody, but in April 2022, the court of appeal overturned the verdict.


June 30



  • The court replaced municipal deputy Lucya Shtein with the remainder of the sentence on the “sanitary case” for a month in the colony. As part of the so-called “sanitary case”, a group of opposition activists was accused of violating anti-smoking restrictions due to calls to participate in peaceful protest rallies in support of Alexei Navalny.
  • In the Sverdlovsk region, a criminal case was opened against priest Nikander (Yevgeny Pinchuk) under an article on discrediting the Russian armed forces because of a post on the VKontakte social network, in which, according to investigators, the priest allowed himself to call the actions of the Russian military invasive.
  • Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva, the head of the Center for the Study of Ukraine, who opposed the war, was dismissed from St. Petersburg State University.


July 1

  • The court fined Mordovian human rights activist Sergei Maryin 40,000 rubles for discrediting the army because of a comment on the VKontakte social network.


July 2

  • Journalist Maria Ponomarenko, detained in the case of “fakes” about the army, was sent for psychiatric examination. Ponomarenko, the mother of two minor children, has been in custody since April 24. She was detained in St. Petersburg and transferred to Barnaul.
  • 75-year-old scientist Anatoly Maslov was arrested in Novosibirsk in the case of treason. The FSB often fabricates such cases to foment the atmosphere of espionage.
  • Elena Klyuchko, a deputy of the village of Kebanel in Komi, was deprived of her powers. It happened after residents of this settlement complained about her anti-war position to the head of the village.
  • A report on the “discrediting” of the army was drawn up against a resident of Moscow, Andrei Chernyshov, because of a photo of his detention published in the media. Chernyshov was detained on June 12, on Russia Day, at one of the metro stations for having two badges attached to his backpack. One badge presented a red exclamation mark (symbol of Alexei Navalny’s movement), the second with the inscription “Russia will be free” against the background of a white-blue-white flag, perceived by many Russians as a symbol of the anti-war position.


July 3

  • In the Tomsk region, a criminal case was opened against a schoolgirl because of the symbolic arson of a bas-relief with a Russian flag.
  • Dmitry Kolker, a well-known Novosibirsk physicist, who was arrested on June 30 on the same dubious charge of treason as Anatoly Maslov, died in jail. The scientist had the fourth stage of cancer.


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