Kleptostop. There is always a way out

Sanctions against Kremlin’s oligarchs? There is always a way out. Kleptostop.org investigates Rotenbergs’ properties in the EU.

In 2017, a series of investigation reports on the assets of the Kremlin oligarchs in EU was published by independent researchers of the Munscanner.com – an anticorruption volunteers’ project investigating legality of activities carried out by bureaucrats and elected officials in different regions of the Russian Federation.

The researchers identified almost 20 sites– residencies, apartments, villas, hotels, and sports venues which are held, despite the sanctions, by the families of the Kremlin oligarchs: Arkady Rotenberg, Gennady Timchenko, Nikolay Shamalov. The properties are managed by intermediaries – straw men connected to the persons named in the sanctions list, and through the network of interconnected legal entities the assets and commercial activities provide income as if sanctions have never been imposed.

Radio Svoboda (Svoboda.org), Novaya Gazeta (novayagazeta.ru) and other outlets took up the topic and published articles about Arkady Rotenberg’s properties and the scheme of their management. The Kleptostop.org project is dedicated to disseminating this kind of information. We have collected the data available on properties held in spite of the sanctions and put together the Kleptostop Catalogue 2017. The updated property inventory illustrated by an interactive map can be found on Kleptostop.org.

We would like to draw attention to the hybrid practices of avoiding EU sanctions to continue deriving advantage from property and business in the European Union and financing activities which put in danger the integrity of the European Union, and sustain armed conflict in Ukraine.

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